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Terms of use

The Jewelry Exchange – A.N. Arnil Ltd. – Terms of Use and Statutes

1. General Terms of Use

This site is exclusively owned, managed and operated by The Jewelry Exchange – A.N. Arneel Ltd. (Hereinafter – "The Jewelry Exchange A.N. Arneel Ltd.", "The Company") The Jewelry Exchange's registered office is 3 Jabotinsky Street, Ramat-Gan, 5252005, The Diamond Exchange. Telephone: 03-6120747, Fax: 03-7512734 Use of this website is conditional upon acceptance of the terms, stipulations and notices included in this document. Hence, use of this website will be considered a binding agreement on your part to all of the provisions, notices and stipulations that appear in this agreement. The Terms of Use listed below will constitute the agreement that will be valid while using this site. You are entitled to use this site only if you have agreed to all of the terms, stipulations and notices that appear in said site as being binding in every respect. Please carefully read this agreement before using this website. If you do not agree and/or do not wish to enter a binding agreement, please leave the website. Use of this website is permitted only for people and/or entities capable of entering a legal undertaking. Hence, if you do not meet these basic criteria (e.g, if you are a minor), you are prohibited from using this website and are asked to leave.

2. The Jewelry Exchange Return and Refund Policy

"The Jewelry Exchange" will replace or accept the return of any item acquired through this website, in accordance with the options listed below. No product whose package is damaged and/or was used and/or in substandard state will be accepted. No replacement or refund will be made without presentation of the original receipt. You can visit any of the Company's stores with the item and receipt, or if you have not yet sent the item, you are required to contact the Company's Customer Relations Department at telephone: 03-6124515.

For products that were ordered in special sizes or with special requests , no refund or replacement or credit will be given for the purchase of another product in the chain. Subject to your rights in accordance with the law and the aforementioned, "The Jewelry Exchange" offers the following options for replacement or returns:

Replacement for another item – any item purchased from this website can be replaced at any of the Company stores for an item of equal value as that of the actual payment less shipping fees that you paid, within 14 days in accordance with Company policy, as stipulated in the statutes. You are also invited to contact us by fax at 03-7512734.
Replacement in exchange for a personal credit voucher – any item purchased off this website can be replaced or converted into a credit voucher at any Company store for an item of equal value as that of the actual payment less shipping fees you paid for. This credit voucher can be used within two years from the date of its issue, in any of the Company's stores.

Cancellation of the transaction in exchange for a cash refund – a cash refund can be obtained for an item purchased from this website in any of the Company's stores only in accordance with chain's cash refund policy as stipulated in the statutes: Cash refund for watches will be provided upon presentation of the purchase invoice / replacement slip within 14 days from the date of purchase in any of the Company's branches.
Cash refund for jewelry will be given up to a purchase sum of NIS 3,000 upon presentation of a purchase receipt, replacement slip within 2 business days of the purchase. Friday is considered a regular business day in the Company.
The cash refund will not be provided in the event of cancellation of a transaction. A cancellation fee of 5% of the product price, or NIS 100, whichever is lower, will be collected for the cash refund.
For credit card and checks transactions, an additional 2% clearance fee will be collected.

3. Purchasing From the Website

Use is limited to personal and not commercial purposes. This website is designed solely for purchases for personal use only, including purchases for gifts, and not for purchases of a commercial nature. "The Jewelry Exchange" reserves the right to not honor and/or to cancel orders and/or purchases that the Company believes to be made for commercial purposes, including wholesale sales, retail sales, or sales to any third parties, and will adopt all legal measures available to it against anyone violating its rights.

Accuracy of the Particulars - The photos appearing in the ads for the items are for illustrative purposes only. "The Jewelry Exchange" makes a concerted effort to ensure that the colors and/or designs and/or hues that appear in the photo of the jewelry's ad will faithfully reflect the actual item supplied by "The Jewelry Exchange". On the other hand, changes and/or inaccuracies attributed to problems with graphics, technique, use of computer screens with different resolutions, use of various software might occur. It is hereby clarified that "The Jewelry Exchange" is not liable for any errors of any kind that appears on this website, including errors in text, in item description, in price, etc. and reserves the right to cancel an order that contains an error, as stipulated above. Users of the website are prohibited from altering, reproducing, distributing, broadcasting, displaying, duplicating, advertising, licensing, generating derived jobs or selling any information, software, items or related items originating in this website.

Price Policies and Methods of Payment - "The Jewelry Exchange" reserves the right to change, at any time, the price of items and/or services displayed on the site, with no prior notice. The price you will be charged is listed on the site on the date of actual purchase. Purchases on this website can be made by sending an order through the website and completing the transaction by telephone with one of the Company's service representatives. Alternatively, the transaction can be completed in one of the Company's branches. Purchases through the website can be made online using a VISA, Diners,  MasterCard and IsraCard (Hereinafter –"credit cards") only. Payment will not be made through the website but by phone, in full, only by credit card. No checks or cash payments. In addition, vouchers issued by "The Jewelry Exchange" for previous purchases, gift vouchers that were purchased and/or received by "The Jewelry Exchange" cannot be used. A prerequisite for making a purchase is obtaining all of the necessary approvals from the customer's credit card company or bank, and the item is sent to the customer's address only after said approvals have been obtained.

Item Availability - Items and services listed on the website will be provided by "The Jewelry Exchange" pursuant to them being available in Company stock on the date of the order. The Company reserves the right to discontinue at any time and with no prior notice, the manufacturing of any item and/or offer to purchase and/or provision of any relationship and you wave any claim and/or demand and/or charge in this respect. "The Jewelry Exchange" does not guarantee that a certain item will be at a certain point of sale, even if said point of sale is listed on the website. At the same time, on the rare chance that, following receipt of confirmation of the order, the ordered item cannot be supplied, a Company representative will contact you and offer you the option of placing another order or canceling the original order. In addition, "The Jewelry Exchange" does not guarantee that the items appearing in this website will be found in every one of its stores.

Confirmation of Order - Once your order has been confirmed, by using the "Send" option, your order will be sent to the Company to be filled. Once confirmed, the order cannot be changed and/or cancelled by you. Your order will be confirmed by email that will arrive in your inbox within 48 hours from the date of confirmation of the order.

If the items you ordered have run out of stock, despite appearing on the website, or if the credit card company did not approve your charge, the Company is not required to supply you with your ordered items. In this event, an appropriate notice will be sent to your address and your card will not be charged.

4. Order Delivery Policy

Delivery Areas - Items ordered through this site can be supplied in Israel only.
Processing and Shipping Costs - "The Jewelry Exchange" charges a processing and shipping fee for deliveries of items that appear on this website, subject to and in accordance with the itemization of the order you placed. Please note, delivery of the order is carried out through personal delivery to the customer. The customer must provide ID and means of payment used to pay for the order to the shipper. This condition is necessary to receiving the product. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a disruption in product delivery and the customer will not have any claim. Delivery cannot be made to a post office box address.
Supply Time - Subject to the aforementioned in this agreement, "The Jewelry Exchange" will provide you with the item you ordered within 14 business days (not including Friday, Saturday, holiday eves and holiday) from the date of confirmation of your order. The Company will not be liable for delays in item supply as a result of events not under its control.
Failure to Comply with the Timetable - If your order was not received within the dates listed above, please contact our internet department by phone 03-6124515 or by fax 03-7512734. Once your order has been received, please carefully check the contents of the package. If there are any discrepancies between your order and the item you received, please act in accordance with the instructions in the chapter on "Returns".

5. Warranty for the Jewelry

Every piece of gold jewelry / embedded jewelry purchased from The Jewelry Exchange will be given full warranty in the event of defect in the product and/or manufacturing for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase with the exception of loss of jewelry or part of the jewelry.

The warranty does not include damage caused by improper and/or unreasonable use of the jewelry and/or reasonable wear and tear including break, tear, erosion of enamel coating.

Care of the jewelry by anyone not authorized by the Company will release the Company from any liability and service provision.

Do not allow perfume, alcohol, cosmetics or chemical substance to come into contact with the jewelry or pearls or stones.

Do not sleep with jewelry.

Do not allow pearl jewelry to come into contact with water.

6. Warranty on Watches

For every watch purchased from the Company, a full 12-month warranty will be issued from the date of purchase.

The warranty for the watch covers mechanism operation and water impermeability (if it is water-resistant) from the watch company alone.

The warranty does not include – the band, crown, body of the watch and the glass and any that will result from improper use of the watch blow / shaking / fall.

Should the watch be handled by anyone not authorized by the Company, the Company will be released from the warranty and service provision.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

Full intellectual property rights related to the site, including the contents of the site, its name, design, trademarks and service symbols appearing in the site, jewelry design and all copyrights, samples and patents appearing in it are the property of "The Jewelry Exchange" or any other company that belongs to "The Jewelry Exchange" chain and are protected by law. No part of the aforementioned may be reproduced, distributed, publicly displayed or delivered to a third party without the expressed written consent of the Company. The trademarks on the site are the Company's exclusive proprietary rights – or if published by the advertisers, the property of these advertisers only. No use of this material is permitted without the expressed written consent.

"The Jewelry Exchange" believes in protecting the intellectual property rights and support all efforts to protecting third party rights. As such, if you believe that the right of any third party has been violated as a result of a letter, character or work presented in this website, please inform us by fax at 03-7512734. Leave your contact information so that we can contact you. Removal of any material from the website as a result of someone's query will be considered as demonstration of the Company's desire to resolve issues outside of court and within the confines of the law and will in no way be construed as recognition of any violation of the right of any third party.

8. Privacy on the Site

Please carefully read the Company policy regarding data compilation and use of personal particulars as received on this site.

Confidentiality of Information

"The Jewelry Exchange" makes a concerted effort to protect the integrity of information received on this website and to keep the information confidential. Information is compiled and stored in a secured environment (to add particulars, security software, protocols, etc.) and serves the sole purpose of identifying customers during the purchase or during the visit to the site.

"The Jewelry Exchange" uses your credit card number for the current purchase only. Immediately upon completion of the transaction and confirmation of approval of the transaction from the credit card company, your credit card information will automatically be destroyed.

9. Registration and Cancellation of Registration

Some of the services on the website require registration. As part of the registration, you will be required to provide personal information such as your name and email address. This information is provided to the Company by you voluntarily and with your consent. In addition, you will be asked whether you will allow "The Jewelry Exchange" to email you  about company news, ads, launches of new collections and other events. "The Jewelry Exchange" will use this information solely in accordance with this privacy policy or in accordance with the law. The information will be stored in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law 5741-1981, in the Company's registered database.

Once you leave your particulars on the website, you will be mailed a Company catalog as well as various notices.

By supplying "The Jewelry Exchange" with your email address (while creating an account on our website, placing an order on-line or through our shops, requesting catalog or other information, etc.), we will use that email address for "The Jewelry Exchange" marketing solicitations, for electronic newsletter deployments and will makes use of displaying ads based on identifying email addresses of customers who were interested in the company's services in the past.

If you do not wish to receive this type of mails/ads,, go to the Contact menu and leave your request, or alternatively, inform us by phone at the Internet Department at 03-6124515 of your desire to be removed from the mailing list.

10. Use of COOKIES

"The Jewelry Exchange" may send "cookies" to your computer in order to compile statistical information about website use and in order to adapt the site to your personal preferences. "Cookies" are text files that your browser creates based on the website computer command and saves it on your computer's hard drive. These files contain information such as the pages you visited, the length of time you stayed on the site, from where you visited the site, information that you requested to view while on the site, etc. There is the possibility to adapt your browser so that it accepts or rejects 'cookies', or to inform you when a 'cookie' is sent to you. Since every browser operates differently, check the "Help" menu in your browser on how to make the aforementioned adjustments.

11. Limits of Use

This website is protected under Israeli and international law, including copyrights and trademarks. This agreement does not grant rights or license to make changes and/or adjustments in this site and/or to its content whether it is viewed, downloaded off the site or any other access. The approval granted to you to use the site does not include the purchase and/or other use for commercial purposes, reproduction or duplication or distribution or creation of any item using the information appearing on this website without the expressed written consent of the Company, with the exception of the uses permitted by law. In addition, you are not entitled to introduce to the website content and/or upload information or files or codes to the website that might alter, damage, disrupt or harm this website or the information on the website or any intellectual property rights of the Company or of any third party. Furthermore, the use of this website for improper or unauthorized purposes is strictly prohibited, including the introduction of "Trojan Horses", "viruses", "worms" etc. potentially damaging computer software. You are also prohibited from displaying and/or advertising and/or implanting on this website and/or on linked sites any illegal, immoral, threatening, crude information and/or material that might be construed as libel, etc.

12. Content Control

Although "The Jewelry Exchange" is not required to regulate the content published on its site by users, including information provided by you, the Company reserves the right to control, regulate, prevent, prohibit and disclose any information needed by law, in the belief that disclosure of said information is necessary to comply with the requirements of the law, protect intellectual property rights, including copyrights, of the Company and/or third parties appearing on the site or to protect other public interests.

13. No Liability for the Site

This site, including its content and information contained therein, any link to another website contained therein, are provided for use (AS IS), without any obligation by the Company. Therefore, nothing in the website and / or in this document constitutes a representation by the Company regarding reliability, suitability, appropriate timing and accuracy of the information, software, items, links and graphics accompanying this site for any purpose. Therefore, you will not have any claim, demand, suit against the Company for contextual features, capabilities, limitations or suitability for your needs and requirements.

"The Jewelry Exchange" does not undertake that:

(a) the links in the site will not experience disruptions, operate normally or without interruptions;

(b) that the website will operate safely and error-free;

(c) that the site will be protected from unauthorized access to company computers, damage, errors, malfunctions – including malfunctions in hardware, software or communications lines in the site – at the company or its providers;

(d) that the information that is supplied will comply with every demand or expectation;

(e) that every request will be answered on the date you noted;

(f) that this site will comply with the requirements, expectations, or wishes of everyone;

(g) that the results of the use of this site will be reliable and accurate;

(h) that every error in information appearing in this website will be amended.

14. Limits of Liability

In no case will "The Jewelry Exchange" and/or any of its shareholders, directly or indirectly, and/or related company and/or affiliated company and/or subsidiary and/or other organizations that comprise part of the joint venture and/or partners and/or other entities that are material controlling shareholders and/or any of their shareholders, and/or company managers and/or senior officers in the company, as defined in the Companies Law 5759-1999, directors, employees and/or various suppliers responsible for direct, indirect damage, tort damages, coincidental, special or constructive damage, or any other damage of any other type or kind, including but not limited to tort fees for loss of use, loss of data or loss of profits, resulting from or related in any way to the use of this site and/or its performance, in the delay in use or inability to use the site, in supply or lack thereof of services including data, text images, video or audio, or any information, software, linked item and graphics that wee submitted through this website, or that is derived in any other manner from the use of this website, whether based on contractual law and/or tort law, absolute liability or any other form, even if the Company was informed of the possibility of said tort damages. The Company will not be liable in any manner for the contents of the forum, chat sites or for any information published on the site by third parties.

If you are not satisfied with any part of this site, or with any of the terms of use, the only and exclusive remedy available to you is to discontinue use of the website.

15. Amendments

"The Jewelry Exchange" reserves the right to amend, at any time and with no prior notice, the terms, stipulations and notices that apply to the use of this website. You undertake to comply with said amendments, which are binding, immediately upon their introduction. We recommend that you read the updated version of the terms of use of this website.

16. End of the Agreement

"The Jewelry Exchange" reserves the exclusive right to refuse to grant access to this site, or to any part of this site, to any user, including you, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. "The Jewelry Exchange" will also be entitled to terminate its contractual arrangement with you, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. Upon conclusion and/or termination of the contractual arrangement, you are required to immediately cease using this website. In addition, "The Jewelry Exchange" will be entitled, at its sole discretion, to cease supplying services to this website and/or cease operating all or part of this website.

17. Links to Other Sites

This website may contain links to websites that are not operated by the Company but by other parties. These links were designed for the sole purpose of your convenience and to broaden your browsing experience at our website. The Company has no control over these websites and is in no way liable for the content that appears on said websites and/or for the information included in them and/or for their quality and/or level and/or risk resulting from their use. The inclusion of these links on this website is in no way approval of the material that appears on them, and does not indicate any relationship with said website operators.

18. Prohibition on Illegal or Prohibited Use

As a condition for using this website, all users must undertake to not use this website for any illegal purpose, and for any other purpose prohibited in accordance with the terms, stipulations and notices included in this document. The use of this website in any manner that might harm, neutralize, cause overload or modify the website is strictly prohibited, as is any intervention in the content, or fraud or use of any other element on the website. Unauthorized access to the website, to the invoices, computer system or other networks related to the site through HACKING, password mining or in any other manner is strictly prohibited. Specifically, the collection of any form of images and information entered into the site for commercial or other purposes is strictly prohibited. In addition, use of this site as a link to other sites and/or in other sites is strictly prohibited and the Company reserves the right to take any legal measures available to it in order to bring about an immediate discontinuation of the prohibited activity, as stipulated above.

19. Law and Judgment

This agreement is created in compliance with the laws of the State of Israel only. You hereby agree that any dispute arising from use of this site or related to the site will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Tel-Aviv / Jaffa District Court, which will retain sole venue.

20.Trms of this Agreement

It is hereby and explicitly agreed that the terms of this agreement constitute the entire agreements between the parties regarding the stated issues, in full, and that the Company will not be liable for any promises, advertisements, statements, presentations, agreements, influences and liabilities, verbal or written, that are not included in this agreement and that were made, if any, before and on the date of its signing. This agreement cannot be amended and/or changed without the expressed written consent of both parties.

The titles to the articles of this agreement are for convenience purposes only and do not constitute part of the agreement. The titles should not be taken into account when interpreting any of the provisions of this agreement or its validity.

21. Notices and Addresses

Any notice or any other document of "The Jewelry Exchange" will be done in writing, addressed to the registered office and sent by registered mail. Said notice will be considered delivered as if it were received by the Company within 72 hours from the date of shipment via registered mail, as stipulated, or upon delivery if delivered by hand.

21. Waiver of Rights

The Company's failure to use one or more of its rights in accordance with this Agreement does not constitute a waiver or acceptance by the Company and will not be used against it.

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